Life after Park application


I want to store details(parking number, eg. 701 and parking slot) about a new parked call in a database, but after Park() application nothing is executed and also I can’t find a variable with parking number.

Is it possible to continue dialplan after Park() application? And is variable with parking number exist?

It’s only possible to continue when the parking times out. I have a feeling that the thread that runs the dialplan is terminated and only reinstated if the call times out. I’m not sure if the Park application can return after a timeout, but there are some ways of initiating parking that allow this.

If you need to know the parking lot in dialplan, you need to choose it in the dialplan, and set the relevant variable, rather than letting the system to choose one.

Thanks for the answer, I know that I can set parking lot in options, I was asked about parking number (parking space, eg. 701). There is no option for Park() application for set parking space.


Looks like it needs to write own dialplan context for parking feature without Park application :frowning: Is there any way to put a channel in MOH bridge and then to get this channel and bridge with another one?

I’ll try to use Bridge(), BridgeWait(), BridgeAdd(). Hope it’ll help me…

It’s a variable, not an option:

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