Libss7 bug report!

Sorry, I don’t know whether this is the right place to post this bug report, I have send mails to the coder but there has been no reply.

SVN version: 204
Source file: mtp2.c
Function: fisu_rx()
Lines: 407-433

Bug: missing a return keyword
number of the offending line: 418

the function fisu_rx() is reproduced here, with comment added to point the suspected bug.

static int fisu_rx(struct mtp2 *link, struct mtp_su_head *h, int len)
// codes ommitted for brevity

        mtp2_setstate(link, MTP_INSERVICE);  /* a "return" keyword is missing!*/
        if (h->fsn != link->lastfsnacked) {
   // codes ommitted for brevity                          
return 0;


I think you should submit the bug through .


Marco Bruni