libq931 socket operation on nonsocket error isdn30 uk *1.4


I have used asterisk 1.2 several times with zaptel,libpri and a sangoma a101 e1 card connected to a uk isdn30 euroisdn line without any problems.

I have just setup another asterisk server for a isdn30 line using the exact same hardware ie supermicro m/b (same version) and sangoma a101, But using the newer asterisk,zaptel,libpri 1.4

Im getting the following error on the isdn line. Bt have tested the line and made calls on it so the line is ok.

ERROR libq931:0 (null):TEI[0]: recvmsg error: socket operation on non-socket == primary D-Channel on span1 up.

which keeps repeating on the console. The isdn line still cannot be used to make or receive calls.

Asterisk 1.4-10.1 Zaptel 1.4.4 Libpri 1.4.1 (the zaptel,zapata config is the same from our 1.2 working boxes on isdn30)

Any Clues.

Just found the problem.

The error was with vstuff visdn drivers which we use for a quad gsm card.
Somehow they affect the sangoma/zaptel driver.

I have removed the vstuff asterisk modules for now.