I’m trying to get ODBC running, but “odbc show” gives me this

Name: ast-connector
DSN: ast-connector
Last fail connection attempt: 2022-11-14 21:52:03
Number of active connections: 0 (out of 1)
Logging: Disabled

Checking the logs I can see entries like this

/usr/lib/odbc/ not found

I’ve installed mysql-connector-odbc and unixODBC-devel but neither have installed this missing file.

Any ideas what package I might be missing?

Thank you

This seems to be a Linux question, not an Asterisk one, but you haven’t said which distribution and which version of that distribution.

Debian only seems to have it in the unstable release.

Hi, distribution is Amazon Linux 2 (Based on CentOS 7 I believe)

I have found this file /usr/lib64/ and updated by odbcinst.ini to point to it.

“show odbc” says it’s connected now, however my dialplan completely crashes asterisk on this command,



SELECT outbound_callerid FROM sipfriends WHERE name=SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(‘${SQL_ESC(${ARG1})}’,‘-’,2), ‘/’, -1)


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