seg fault

Have been getting the below seg fault from Asterisk for the last number of months (it normally takes between 3 to 6 weeks for the seg fault to occur).

The problem started after moving to a fresh install of Debian Squeeze (6) and Asterisk 1.8.7 from Debian Lenny (5) and Asterisk 1.4.3 (I think) which didn’t seem to suffer the same issue both use Lumenvox SRE for voice reignition.

LumenVox SRE for Asterisk is used for speech reignition on incoming calls to route the call to the correct extension. Everything works correctly for anywhere between three and six weeks, then out of the blue Asterisk will crash with the above seg fault, no other errors or warning, last time this happened there were no calls in progress I’m uncertain about the previous time but at a guess I would say no as I normally find that Asterisk has crashed during the night when no one is in the office.

Nothing out of the ordinary seems to happen for the duration of time that the PBX operates correctly.

Is the library a Lumenvox library making the seg fault a Lumenvox problem or is the library part of Asterisk?

All help with the above issue would be grate.

It comes from Lumenvox.

Thank you.

Contacted LumenVox about it earlier this week but got no reply so I began to doubt that it was their’s. I’ll go hassle LumenVox about it again.