Let's talk about dahdi and almalinux8.6 (kennel 4.18)

dahdi and almalinux8.6
Is it compatible?

I am using almalinux8.6 + kennel is on 4.18
was installed freepbx15 on asterisk 16.

(almalinux8.6+ asterisk16 + Freepbx15)

But Dahdi (TE220) hardware is not recognized.

how do i??

please help me

In theory, it should be compatible, but in practice, the only real way to find out is to install and find out.

Compatibility with particular hardware is an entirely separate and unrelated question.

According to the README, the TE220 is officially supported, so you should have the drivers for it: GitHub - asterisk/dahdi-linux: This is the official dahdi-linux repository. All issues and PR should be raised here.

You are going to need to post logs from the DAHDI setup and config utilities.

ok i will post log of dahdi

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