Leave card in on install?

i was curious, if i install centos 5 and then asterisk on top of it, should i leave my a400p card in while im installing this stuff, or wait until centos 5 and asterisk are both installed, then instert the card?

(im linux rookie still :smile: )

also are the newest versions usually pretty stable? i see 1.4.11 just came out…wasn’t sure if i should give it some time or not

I think it will make no difference, for the os install process, if the card is in or not; in general I think that less cards are in less problematic is the os installation, in this case I would try to install the os with the card in.
The released * versions are all stables, I just wait some days before use the latest version to see if someone reports problems, so I think now it worth try the 1.4.11 release.


Marco Bruni