Ldap queue to agent

I’m not quite sure where to ask this question. It’s almost a zoiper question, but it’s more about ldap, but asterisk is central. Since it’s VoIP, this seems like the correct forum.

I bought the Asterisk 4th edition “Definitive Guide,” but it’s of little utility for a hosted PBX. It’s very heavy, but an interesting read. However, I don’t see much about this topic, at least not yet. If there’s a section to read, please do refer me to the text. While there’s mention of OpenLDAP, it’s somewhat general.

For a hosted Asterisk PBX for outbound dialing, does it make sense to use zoiper with ldap? This is the zoiper tutorial I’m referencing:


What’s a simple but effective way to “send” a single entry, perhaps from ldap, perhaps not, to a soft phone for outbound calling?

Am I re-inventing the wheel? I’m sure that others have trod this path. Surely there must be a way to tread ldap as a queue in the context of VoIP.

However, that doesn’t seem quite what zoiper is outlining. Perhaps ldap isn’t the best approach?