Latest for i686 requires OPENSSL-0.9.8?

I just rebuilt my Asterisk server and downloaded the latest from Digium. When installed, Asterisk fails to start with the following error:

Oct 1 20:06:28 VERBOSE[6392] logger.c: []
Oct 1 20:06:28 WARNING[6392] loader.c: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Oct 1 20:06:28 WARNING[6392] loader.c: Loading module failed!

I am using RHEL 4.4 with openssl-0.9.7a the latest from RedHat. Is there any way to run on RHEL?

is there anything stopping you from downloading the source from for 0.9.8x and compiling ?

I could always do that. But at this point I am kinda bought into rpm update management of Linux. I like to know the when I type up2date I have all the latest packages, they all work together, and have been tested. Once you start down the compile from source path you are forever resolving dependencies, patching bugs, etc. Redhat has made a lot of money making sure their stuff works.

I was hoping there was a better way.

Also I was just conferming that I really did need a new openssl to make it work.

I had the same problem and someone on the list suggested me to create a link :

cd /usr/lib
ln -s

THis is working well in production. I did a link for every files needed by the codec.

Chances that asterisk really uses something in 0.9.8 that is not compatible in 0.9.7f is VERY small…