Lastms... how to deal with it?


I'm working with asterisk 1.8.22 and realtime. Everything is working fine until the lastms suddenly turns to -1 and all the calls drops and no more calls can be placed unless I change manually the value to a 0.

I couldn't find a clear information about [b]lastms[/b], it seems to be related to latency and consequently asterisk lost the registration to the trunk sip. 

But... what is latency, a defective cable perhaps?... and, Shouldn't [b]registertrying [/b]recover the registration fault?

Thanks in advance

Latency is a posh way of saying delay.

A high latency generally indicates an overloaded network, possibly combined with buffer bloat and a failure to prioritise SIP traffic. A faulty cable will cause packet loss, not latency (except indirectly).

lastms is the round trip time the last time that Asterisk tried to measure it. It will try to measure it if the qualify option is turned on.

Please use google on any terms you don’t understand.

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Ok, thanks for your answer.

But I couldn’t find nothing valuable on google about lastms. Just says what it’s said in this thread, but no possible causes nor possible solutions.
Can someone suggest me where I can ask about this specific option? It’s a very annoying matter.