'Last application data' = VERBOSE?

When I look in the database, I see some calls that say "VERBOSE’ in the ‘lastdata’ record…

These calls seem to have VERY short durations… What does VERBOSE mean in that field??

Depends on what the last application was, although it should always come from your dialplan.

Which version are you using?

Version = Asterisk

last app = AGI

I think I have somewhat figured it out…

The last app was AGI… AGI has a VERBOSE parameter that “Logs a message to the asterisk verbose log”

I’m thinking that whatever information was generated by these calls, got logged into the Asterisk Verbose Log.

The problem being that, when I check the log, for 3 days (in which ‘last app data’ = VERBOSE) there’s no VERBOSE entries in the log.


You may need to use “core set verbose n”, with n at least as large as the level parameter on the AGI VERBOSE action.