Large Analogue Requirement

Hi, Sorry if this has been answered or discussed before.

I’m new to Asterisk but not new to VOIP.

I’m looking at sizing up a 350 user analogue requirement for a potential customer. As much as I’d like to use IP endpoints and run SIP, I won’t be able to do so due to infrastructure problems and distance. The solution is for an existing residential area with around 350 houses connected to a legacy PBX that needs replacing. The system is basically used for access control by a security guard. So the analogue phone in each house is not connected to the PSTN in any way. Purely private/internal access.

I’ve noticed that the largest analogue cards are 24ports/card. Is this my only option for FXS connectivity? If so I will need to run quite a few servers in order to house the 15 x 24port cards.

Any recomendations appreciated.

Probably your best bet is Astribank channel banks. They make 24 port units so you will still need a bunch of them but you can run them all into a single server. I have used them with success in big old hotels that wanted to replace the PBX but leave ll the phone in place. … banks.html