Landline unification

I’m wondering if there is a solution to always forward call, originated from landline, to one Asterisk server.

What I realy want to do is to offer this solution to several local stores, and their branches, so they can have only one person to answer the call.

Is there any ATA able to forward all the calls to a Asterisk server? I’m afraid in case I just offer a PC with Asterisk, the client don’t accept the idea just because of the cost.

Thank you

They are called gateways, not ATAs. The only risk area is the number of NAT traversals, as they would normally be used from within the LAN.

Thank you David! I’ll read about how a Voip Gateway works.

I have the Cisco/Linksys SPA9000 available to buy, near by my work. I have researched and discovered that this gateway have three options to forward calls:

Call forwarding: unconditional, no answer, on busy

I supose that if I configure the “no answer” mode, when I receive a call from the landline, the phone will ring a few times and then the gateway will ‘answer the phone’ and forward the call to my ‘asterisk box’.

Anyone know if this is a viable cenario?

Thank you in advance.