Keep getting fail over to phone line?


I am new to Asterisk and don’t know that much.

I keep getting failed over to the phone line instead of going over my SIP account’s. I think most likely an inbound number that is not setup correctly or a device is not setup correctly?

where should I look on asterisk log to see where the problem is?

I want to thank you in advance.

Failover is something imposed by the dialplan, not something intrinsic to Asterisk. You are probably using FreePBX, for which you want

Hi David

Thank you for your reply I appreciate it.

I am using an Mypbx.

I have a number of extensions configured on the Mypbx.

if I want to see what extension keeps on failing over to the Land line, what should I look for in the asterisk log?

the reason I don’t know the extension is I get a email; telling me there is calls that went over to the fail over, but it does not say what extensions.

thank you in advance.

I think you need to ask Yealink.