Just installed TDM31B, but driver won't load

I just installed a TDM31B, but am unable to load the drivers. After putting in the card and plugging in a power line, I powered up the system and tried to install the driver (modprobe wctdm). I got a segfault, and after that lsmod would just hang forever. I couldn’t even kill -9 the lsmod process! I had downloaded and built asterisk 1.0.7. I checked out the latest zaptel from cvs and rebuilt and installed it. This time it didn’t segfault, it printed a message ‘fatal error loading wcfxo’ or something similar. I still had the same problem with lsmod. There’s nothing in the system log. Does anybody know how to diagnose this problem?

I decided to try another distro, and now the driver loads fine. I was using mandrake 10.1 and decided to try fedora core 3. Things seem a bit more stable and easier with redhat.