Jitter Buffer in 13.4

I use adaptive jitter buffer on 13.4 and I’m wondering why it adapts quickly on the way up (during network congestion) but it is very slow to come back down to normal. It’s not such a big deal but it causes the audio to be garbled while it adjust to different thresholds. Is there another param I can set to speed it up on the way back down (after network congestion is resolved)?

Adjusting/compensating for network congestion takes about 1 second. When there is no more network congestion, the jitter buffer takes about 1 minute to regulate back to default and during that time the audio is garbled as it adjusts back down.

The scenario is, I am uploading a large file, the large file takes most of the upload bandwidth, therefore the packets don’t arrive at the same time and the timestamps could be out of order so the jitter buffer begins to work it’s magic and slow down the stream to wait for the lagging packets to arrive. After the file is finished, it takes another minute or so to compensate for the bandwidth restoration and during this time the audio sounds slightly garbled until it has fully adjusted.


Jbenable=yes jbforce=yes jbresyncthreshold=4000 jbimpl=adaptive jbmaxsize=4000

Thanks for any help you can provide.