JAVA API ExtensionStateAction does not respond


I am trying to check if an Extension is available before I forward a call to it. In the JAVA API there is the ExtensionStateAction which sound perfect for this task. Only problem is that it does not produce any result, instead is freezing.
Using following statment:
managerConnection.sendAction(new ExtensionStateAction(“200”,“softphone”));
Neither an exception is thrown nor is an ExtensionStatusEvent triggered.

Thanks for your help.


I am having problem running asterisk-java sample code form

Hello Agi!

i am following all steps everything goes well except that[color=#FF40FF] NO file named “” created but in tutorial it is mentioned that this file must be created[/color] by default and we have to map script

i think .agi file is not created by default how to check that???[/color]

furthermore configuration i did on asterisk server are

Add a user in sip.conf
add this line extn => 888,1,Agi(agi://<1p of agi server>/HelloAgiScript in extntion.conf …under default context

is there need of any further configurations??..