Jabber_Status not working as expected

Hi there,

I am trying to get the jabber status of user from within my dialplan using the Jabber_status function (https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Application_JabberStatus).

For example I have the following AEL snippet in my dialplan:

set(jabberid="${jid}@${JABBERSERVER}"); set(jabberstatus="${JABBER_STATUS(asterisk,${jabberid})}"); NoOp(${jabberstatus});

If I set my jabber status of my agent to available I get the following come through:

and NoOp outputs the jabber status as expected:

If I set my status of my agent to unavailable, I get the correct presence message come through:

But then it cannot find the jabberuser and returns status “7”

[quote]res_jabber.c:678 aji_status_exec: Resource ‘(null)’ of buddy ‘JID@IPADDRESS’ was not found
NoOp(“SIP/2talk-plunket-0000000a”, “7”)[/quote]

I have a shared roster so the buddy is definitely on asterisk’s jabber roster and have also tested it by logging into a regular jabber client (adium) and testing it that way. Where the presence is updated as expected.

Has anyone encountered this kind of issue and know how I can get asterisk to return the correct status values 1-6?

Did you solve this problem? Describe if solved

I’s experiencing exactly the same problem, did anyone managed to find a fix for this or is it an asterisk bug?