IVR with Asterisk and Java?

Hi there,

pretty new here and i was looking at freeswitch as i wish to program IVR (i.e. press 1 to do this, press 2 do that etc but totally custom) and wanted to know if Asterisk and JAVA using the asterisk api makes this possible?

Actually I wondered if anyone can point out the difference between Freeswitch and asterisk?

Of course I am not forced to use JAVA but C# i also have experience with but i feel the c# api for asterisk doesn’t seem to be updated much… maybe i am wrong…

any insight or information anyone can offer would be really great…

Thanks in advance


Ian FreeSwitch was written by a member of the asterisk community. I will not go in to why he did or his reasoning as this is not the place for it.
Both asterisk and FreeSwitch have their advantages. The main one that stuckk out for me is that Asterisk has a dual licensing scheme. If some one submits code they let Digium use it in their business edition. A lot of software from coder is distributed under the GPL thus not allowing Digium to use it. Thus said there are perks in FreeSwtich (I believe “proper” T.38) that you will not find in Asterisk. On the other hand IMHO I think asterisk is a lot more mature and there are many more community member supporting it. I tried working with FreeSwtich but for me the documentation was poor. With time I think it will mature. I think it boils down to what you want to accomplish.

As far as connection the AMI with C# you should not have a problem as you can open, close socket connections, receive data from the AMI and send data back to it.

thanks very much for the info… yep i think i am going with asterisk… it seems a lot more mature as you say…

Do you know if there is anywhere that has help, class info, method info etc for c# … and forgive my stupidness but what is AMI short for … the asterisk server??

So i presume i can write client apps in c# for windows and just wait for socket info from the server … i am guessing here …

Thanks again…

AMI is short for Asterisk Manager Interface. The URL below should be able to help you get along.

thats great, found some c# examples etc… thanks once again