IVR system for personal use


I am having a Jiofibre connection with Jiofixedvoice number. Jiofixedvoice is a landline service through which we are provided with a landline number and we can use that landline number to call anyone using an app names JioJoin

Actually the promblem here is that if someone calls back on the landline number all the phones connected rings and it gets promblematic to understand for whom the call is for.

So i wanted a solution. I thought that to integrate IVR in it. I am owning a Always Free Oracle Cloud Service. Can anyone help me with a solution to self host an IVR system. So that if anyone calls my number they can hear a prompt to enter the number assigned to the person they wanted the call for. This will then forward the call to that’s persons personal number ( The person number is already owned by Jio. Not integrated in IVR. IVR will just transfer/call the specific person ). This will hugely solve my issue.

Please help as soon as possible.

Note : I want a free service.

Thank You

There isn’t any real free SIP Trunks, if you want, you can try to use an OBI with Google Voice as a gateway.

Also, no one will just write a whole new dialplan for free. If you do find someone, please forward me their contact info.

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