IVR software needed

For a calling card service in USA we want to use Asteix…server.
we want to have abilling and IVR software which will work best with Asterix. Which will generate pins and authenticate and send calls to carriers.

Have a look here:

voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+ … plications

If you need assistance setting this up, by all means post back here.

Hello MuppetMaster

thanks for your reply.
Now if I have a server on rent in USA. and have installed a Aster bill as sugegsted by you( will it have IVR also…?) then will you help in installing Asterix and the Aster bill…?


Asterisk contains the IVR capabilities while Astbill contains the billing/prepaid application. So, yes, you would need both installed and running on your hosted server in the US.