IVR languages

Is there a stand set of languages for Asterisk, the one i have says pound symbol for # and is american voice. Is there any UK files.

The standard voice is recorded by Allison Smith, and there is a few files ready prepared for saying hash instead of pound. These are:
hash.gsm, press-hash.gsm and astcc-followed-by-the-hash-key.gsm (the last one being “Followed by the hash key”

Tel.net have a free voice set in British English:

Alternatively, you can buy voices from the following vendors:
voipon.co.uk/asterisk-hardwa … 23_77.html

Thanks for that, downloaded UK prompts but now stuck how to copy them from PC to Asterisk.

Any pointers on how to change them over.

Please bear with me on this new to linux.

look in your /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file to see where your varlibdir is, you will find the sounds directory in there. On my system its:

Simply overwrite the existing files with the new ones and you should be done.