ITSP VOIP Provider Ping Time graphs

I am an ITSP newbie, but Not a phone or systems newbie by any means. This is my first time setting up an asterisk installation, and using an ITSP, so I’ve been doing some research, which started in this thread here:

I threw all the servers I could into my monitoring application, and I’ve been collecting ping times. The monitoring application isn’t available to the public, but I have a client who is interested in ITSP performance, so I wrote a little script to grab some generated images every 5 minutes and make them available… I’m currently grabbing 1 hour and 12 hour graphs.

The first Entry is NOT an ITSP. It is just there for a baseline, to see if other network activity is affecting my connection to the ITSP’s. Comcast-SJC-Router is my ISP’s Router 1 hop away from me in San Jose, CA.

Note: Please pay close attention to both the X and Y axis, just because a line is in the same place on the graph does not mean the ping time is the same. Pay close attention to the number of ms on the right hand side of the graph. All times on the graphs are PST/PDT.

Also note that your browser will probably cache these images so even if you look at them 5 minutes later, they may be the same. I may fix that by putting up an external html page where you can view these. I’ll update this post if I do so.



Cheers! If anyone wants me to throw up any more ITSP’s, let me know.