Its required to disable selinux to install asterisk in RHEL

I am facing some issue that on my custom init script for asterisk and my ami program running the starting the asterisk with asterisk command not working. Its solver only after disabling the selinux. I am doubful about the need for disabling of selinux completely or partially by allowing only asterisk. please help me

Disabling selinux is a standard practice. I guess nobody is willing to deal with the bunch of policies involved, which may be augmented by your own resources in case you do something that is unusual and violates the current rules.

It is not necessary to disable SELinux, but if you don’t you need to configure it properly. SELinux is not something you can properly benefit from unless you extensively conigure the tagging of files.

The only time I remember it causing problems was when ftp was used to install files. These got tagged as untrustworty.

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