Issues Running Multiple Asterisk Instances

OS Debian 6 (Linux 2.6.32-5-686)
I have FreePBX installed but this isn’t what’s causing issues.

Read the entire post please, don’t tell me “You already have Asterisk running” as that’s the goal here.

The error I’m getting is this:

Now that would normally be all fine and dandy however upon reading this it seems (to me) that I’m doing something wrong. I have however changed astrundir to “/var/run/asterisk2” so that seemed strange. I’m running asterisk with “asterisk -C /etc/asterisk2/asterisk.conf” and just to be extra safe I set astctl to “asterisk2.ctl” (The entire config may be found here:

So, is this a bug with Asterisk or am I making a glaring mistake somewhere? I’ve been hard pressed to find much information on running multiple instances of Asterisk but considering it seems to be (albeit loosely) supported now.


I noticed on line 79 I had “;[files]” I have since then renamed it to “[files]”, I still have the issue though.


Fixed by changing “directories” to “[directories]”. Only question that remains is why didn’t changing astctl solve the issue?