Issue with ODBC logging of clid value

We are attempting to configure Asterisk 18.2.1 to work with AWS Chime.

For the most part, everything is working, except the CDR logging for the clid value.

We’re using ODBC to a AWS Aurora (MySQL) database. Other than configuring the data source, we’ve not done any CDR customization.

The call records are getting to the cdr table, but the clid and src fields are only getting the first 10 digits. This would not be a problem were it not for Chime prepending a ‘+1’ to each number, which means that the last two digits are getting cut off.

If I monitor the calls coming in I do see the full ANI value.

What is the width of the relevant columns in the schema?

I should have included that; it was one of the first things I checked. It’s a varchar(80) field.

We need to identify where the values are being truncated.

If you verbose() the variables right before the CDR is written, do they contain the full values?

Can you configure the MySQL server to log all queries?

I think the Percona toolkit has a tool to monitor the requests off the wire. Something like pt-digest-query?

It took a bit to get query logging working on Aurora, but I was able to trace the issue to a MySQL trigger.

Thanks for the help.

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