Issue with latest version of Asterisk and ResponseTimeout

On all of my old asterisk systems i use the following method to get information from customers

exten = s,1,Background(ask-for-info)
exten = s,2,ResponseTimeout(10)
exten = _XXX,1,Action…

It works on all my old asterisk systems, i just set up a new box running 1.2.10 and after the response timeout i get:

Auto fallthrough, channel ‘SIP/216.XXX.XXX.24-00762d20’ status is ‘UNKNOWN’ (i blocked my IP out with the XXX’s)

any ideas as to why I’m getting this Auto Fallthrough error now?

ResponseTimeout is now deprecated, although you can use Set(TIMEOUT(response)=10) and you should have a ‘t’ extension to handle the timeout being reached.

perhaps you might also want to look at WaitExten.