Issue : Asterisk box connectivity with Standard PBX


I want to make the setup of asterisk box with existing syntel PBX.

All the standard telco phones (i.e PSTN phones) are connected to the standard PBX. I want to setup one asterisk box, on which all my SIP supported phones will be connected. All the local calls i.e extension to extension are routed through the asterisk box.

How to connect my asterisk box with syntel standard PBX ?

Do I use analog FXO-FXS card ? If not tell me how do I make this setup ?

Asterisk box can be a gateway of some sort out of an Asterisk box doing nothing but taking a handoff from the Inter-Tel PBX and passing it out to SIP phones attached to the Asterisk machine but I’m not absolutely certain how to go about it.

Thank you very much for your support.


Can any one help me to solve this issue ?

Enough FXO modules to cover the maximum number of circuits needed.

There may be other options available for the PBX.

Really you should use a trunk interface, not an extension interface, on the existing PBX.