.ISO files

Hi Guys, I have download all the files for Asterisk which I have now on my harddrive (XP machine) and I want to now create the .ISO CD. I have downloaded the ISORecorder as stated in the docs. The problem I have is where is the .ISO file/s. I have take the files from one of the mirror sites ftp1.digium.com so I’m sitting with all the files on my harddrive. My question is how do I create the .ISO cd now? I cannot seem to find the .ISO file/s.

Could you guys please assist me with getting this done!

OK, im a little confused, are you trying to burn an .iso file (ex. .iso to cd) of make an iso out of a cd you already have (ex. cd to .iso) ?

Hi, no, I have downloaded what I think is the whole package from a mirror site. This has many folders in it i.e. Asterisk, gastman, gnophone, iaxy, libiax, libpri, support, telephony, zaptel - all of these folders and associated files are on my harddrive. I want to create the .ISO CD I need to install Asterisk on my other PC. How do I achive this?

Did you check this out?
searchwinsystems.techtarget.com/ … 88,00.html