ISDNguard s/w install/test

Hi, we’re looking at possibly using an ISDNguard for our two ISDN30’s connected to our Asterisk server. I’ve tried Junghanns directly for info but no response and also tried the mailing list, no luck so far.

Does anyone have experience of installing the ISDNguard s/w. We’re running latest 1.2 on CentOS 4.4 with a TE405p. I’ve got the bristuff tarball, extracted the ISDNguard directory and did a make all, make install. Edited /etc/asterisk/watchdog.conf and using the daemon fired up before Asterisk by running ‘/usr/sbin/ISDNguard /dev/ttyS0 &’ and with a laptop connected to the serial port, nothing happens.

Only when I send ‘echo “AUTO” > /var/run/guard.ctl’ do I get an output from the serial port, but this is just a spoof for the ISDNguard h/w to stop it switching to fail mode while asterisk is restarted. For normal working ‘echo “START” > /var/run/guard.ctl’ should keep the heartbeat running, but on my setup it stops Presumably there should be a heartbeat on the serial port without the AUTO command.

Does anyone know if this is correct or should I see a heartbeat with just ‘/usr/sbin/ISDNguard /dev/ttyS0 &’, or is it I’ve only a dumb hyperterminal connected to the server’s serial port rather than a real ISDNguard.