ISDN30 (Inbound) -> Asterick (billing) -> (Outbound) I

Hi Chaps;

Is it possible to have the following setup:

Linux box with one Wildcard TE405P card (to begin with), Asterix and Astbill.

The Wildcard TE405P is to be setup in this way:

2 ports (60 Channels) Inbound calls;
2 ports (60 Channels) Outbound calls;

The service is merely to connect a special number 0900 to receive calls and route the calls via Asterisk to the Outbound provider:

2 ISDN Ports (Inbound 0900) -> Asterisk -> 2 ISDN port Outbound;

No need to have pre-paid functions, but is essential to be able to trace telephone numbers, usage, links stats, etc.

No Voip tp begin with, straight PSTN/POTS system.

Thank you