ISDN Line not detected automatically


This is my first time to install asteriskwin32 in my windows server 2003. I have a problem I am using US Robotics modem but asteriskwin32 did not detect PSTN automatically. I am able to make call from US Robotics modem but I can’t be able to configure asteriskwin32.

I try to use TAPI Telephony board – 4Analog Phone Lines card but still asteriskwin32 did not detect my card. Please tell me what should I do.??

Install Linux and use a currently supported telephony card.

You will be very lucky if you find anyone with experience of the Windows port here, and voice modem support was dropped a long time ago.

No one has experience to install and configure asteriskwin32?

Hello Shoaib,

You seem to be here in the middle east, is that right? Where are you exactly?

I am new also to Asterisk, and I look forward to co-operate with you.