Is working audio card necessary to run *?

I put together a linux box to learn *. The mobo has onboard video, lan, and sound. I have been struggling with getting the sound working (the linux drivers from intel basically suck).
My question is, does * require working audio? I just wanted to use the * box as a call processor/pbx. I can record the prompts on another box and copy over mp3 files.

you dont need an audio device at all, unless you want the speakers on the pc to do something.

zoa -

Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if this forum got much activity. Actually, I found out the same thing reading the readme or other doc files installed with *. I was planning on posting a reply to my own ? today, but you were kind enough to post a reply first. I took a quick gander at your links and they look interesting…

  • Woody