Is this work? (devices)

excuse about my bad english.
I am total newbie in telephone and VoIP. I’m IT administrator so IT terms for me is clear, but with phone line is bad :blush:

I install AsteriskNow. Test some SIP configuration and use it for pc <-> pc. And all in first look work great.

Now I want SIP clients connect to world :smile:

In our office we have Siemens HiPath 3550 from Telephone company and access to it has only this Telephone company tech specs.
We use 40 phones, aprox 32 have outside number and all have inside short number (like 38). it means than all can make call inside->outside, but from outside can directly dial only to 32 colleges. I hope it’s clear :smile:

I want get Digium TDM 410 401B PCI 1xFXO for test environment.
Then put Digium TDM410 in asterisk pc, then one phone line (from my office phone, I have full outside number too) plug in this card and configure all.
If all configuration go well then i want call from SIP phone to outside and after some config get dial from outside to my SIP client.

Is this possible with this card Digium TDM 410 401B 1xFXO?
May be some limitation in HiPath central that can’t give me possible make calls from pc(SIP client) -> asterisk -> asterisk (Digium PCI card) -> HiPath - > public phone.?

All this only about spend money for this card or not to make my test environment.

Hope You can support me on this!

If your office phone is a standard analogue phone, I would expect it to work. If it is a Siemens digital phone, I would not.

Can You help me figure out is this digital or analog phone? I’m not clear about what is digital and what is analog. :cry:

We use

  • Siemens HiPath 3550
  • eight Optipoint 500 phone
  • some from siemens euroset 2005, 2015, 5005 series phone
  • 1 standart old fax machine

I think, tha optipoint series is digital, but euroset series is analog phone

About Optipoint 500 … iPoint_500
Little about euroset 5005 … iPath_1100

So, to clear my idea - If i take line from analog phone line in setup that I describe before in this topic, then it is possible to configure all this. Correct?
general my worries is about this card TDM 410 401B, because I need pay for it :smiley: