Is this system Feasible?

Hello All,

Please, here is the summary below;

a. Using GoIP/ VOIP is it possible to reduce call cost by upto 50% or more for a GSM - to - GSM calls?

b. If (a.) above is “YES”, I will appreciate any description, or links … we need it for our students

Thanks in anticipation for a kind response…

Not to be offensive but really I don’t understand what to you want to do. Please explain as simple could be what do you want to do. From what you have written, Asterisk can do all this but you will need a custom installation to fit your needs. Please explain again.

Most of the things you are requesting can be easily done with Asterisk. Some of them are not very clear and think you will need an Asterisk consultant to discuss with more details about your project.

here major purpose is to reduce call rates for our students while calling friends and families. It is not compulsory if they use phones that can surf the internet… My thoughts; can I use goip gsm gateway to carry the call to Asterisk and have the call sent to the called subscriber through SIP providers … dont know if this makes sense ???

Yes you can do that using GOIP

You should check the legal position on the use of GSM gateways in your country. There are usually restrictions on using them to provide services to third parties. Your students may well be considered third parties.

@david551, GSM gateways is legal over here. Please, do you have any link that describes basic knowledge about it, how it all works and set-up … as am entirely new to it

A sim card can have only one call. So you must have many sim cards for incoming calls and many sim cards to forward the calls to. For how many students will this service be available?

Talking about capacity, one of the reasons that third party service through gateways are often forbidden is that it make inefficient use of the air interface. Basically, if you have a large number of channel constantly active from one location, it is much better engineering to run a T1/E1 to the mobile network than to have large numbers of GSM gateways tying up channels on the local base station.