Is this problem a good fit for Asterisk?

I am trying to figure out if Asterisk is the right tool to help with the system we have to work design.
I am pretty unfamiliar with this whole genre so any advise will be appreciated.

In our system, we will have one incoming VoIP channel (from a constant known IP) It will come into our system, be trancoded if necessary, and by definition it will auto connected to a specific outgoing channel (again a constant known IP) that allows the two users to communicate.
Additionally, there will be a small number of other users that can join and disconnect
from the conversation - any/all of which may need to be transcoded into the common protocol.

Sort of like an “always on” intercom with two of more participants or a direct connect phone (no dialing) - with the chance of being a party line.

Does Asterisk have the parts to help us put this together ?

Yes it is, but you should have some basic knowledge of Asterisk, to complete this task

Thank you for taking your time to answer my question.