Is this possible?

I have a client that is requesting the following:

Call comes in on a specific number, the system then calls out to an other number and “attaches” it to the same session as the original inbound call.

I just need to know if this is possible. I come from the Cisco VOIP world and I know I can do it with their product, however this client doesn’t have the budget for such a system.

It is very easy. You can do this from dialplan (extensions.conf), or from AGI script.
Call comes to system, and when you dial - call will be connected directly. It is more complicated to make “independent” call from system.
exten => 1236,1,Answer()
exten => 1236,n,DIAL(SIP/
exten => 1236,n,Hangup()

Of course it is little bit more complicated. I mean you should setup “incoming” call and it will come not on 1236 but some other extension. You could want to ask user to dial some digits, and then based on user input to chose what to dial…

I didn’t really understand the question, but I don’t think that answer matched the question.

However, neither the first nor last lines are needed, and the first line will cause the caller to get charged for failed calls.

My client is starting a advertisement company. His goal is to charge the company he is advertising for on a per initial contact basis and to provide a recording of the conversation. So a customer would call my clients DID number and then another call is established to the company that is being advertised. In a sense, I need some sort of man in the middle setup.

If he is changes his mind on recording the conversation, I can just make a forwarding rule and be done with it.

There is only one call. I thought you were asking for something much more complex.

It sounds trivial to me. Call MIXMonitor and then Dial. Actually, you will probably have to do a playback first, to tell the caller they are being recorded. Total of three lines in the dialplan!

“Fowarding rule” sounds like some Asterisk GUI concept.