Is this possible

Hi All.

I know Asterisk can provide conferencing facilities, however I don’t know if it will fit this role.

I have a datacentre with an SBC in there, I want a high availability solution, that can sit and have conference rooms (there will be no phones attached to this system), the conference rooms may or may not have pins. Fairly easy so far heres the catch.

I would like upto 200 users (concurrent calls) in as many rooms as possible.

Is this possible? I can’t find a limit to asterisk’s calls/conference rooms, is this because its not listed or its hardware based?

Can asterisk be used in a high availability mode?

Can asterisk be used in a virtual enviroment?

I know there are a couple of questions there but before we look into deploying this in a live role in the company I’d like a little more information.

Thanks All



The limits for meetme are set by dahdi. I seem to remember seeing 2048, but I imagine that you will run out of CPU long before that.

There is no high availability mode.

Running on a virtual machine is incompatible with running large numbers of conferences! If you must run on a virtual machine, make sure you allocate a lot of resources to Asterisk, and look into the correct way of configuring timing support.

" There is no high availability mode. "

From reading a lot of forum posts AND Asterisk documentations a learned that HA is possible. But not by asterisk it self, but by the default Linux Tools…

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