Is there any way to disable native dahdi technology.?

is there any way to disable native dahdi technology… when channel joins the bridge ?

Why would you want to put unnecessary load on Asterisk.

Asterisk will disable native bridging if the call requires features that are incompatible with it.

Otherwise, the only sure way is to interpose a non-optimising local channel.

Is there any configuration for it?

No. There is no need for the feature. The only way of disabling native bridging is to do something that is incompatible with it, or to introduce a bridge to another technology (in practice a local channel).

I really cannot think why you would want to stop dahdi native bridging.

we want monitor in and out file. For native dahdi technology. monitor is not working. so that we want to disable native dahdi technology .

Monitor should disable native bridging. It is one of the incompatible things you can do to inhibit native bridging. Are you sure you have configured monitor correctly.

When i try to use below command in asterisk cli
bridge technology suspend native_dahdi
then its working fine. but when asterisk restarted then setting get reset. so is there anyway to suspend native_dahdi technology permanently by any configuration?

As @david551 said monitor is incompatible with native bridge, also no transcoding, media manipulation, , DTMF, or other features depending on media interpretation can be done by Asterisk, so if your dial command or monitor is correctly setup you wont have native bridge

We are not using monitor in dialplan we are sending montior action by AMI so thats why i am trying to suspend native_dahdi technology. so search for any configuration for it.

Starting the monitor should break down any native bridge.

but it does not break the native bridge as sending monitor action by AMI. if i try to use monitor from dialplan before Dial then its working fine…but as per the requirement i have to send monitor action by AMI. in this case native bridge does not break.