Is there any compatibility issue between versions?

Are there any restrictions between versions when connecting 2 asterisk servers? For example, can I connect the server of the 20th version with the server of the 16th with a bridge?

If you are talking SIP, you can create a session between a 1.6 client and a 20 server or between 20 client and a 1.6 server, but you can’t create a session without both client and server. (People use server to mean the machine, rather than in the sense used by SIP.)

This is the case for single stream audio using standard codecs. With 1.6 (I don’t now about 16) you won’t be able to create more than one audio stream, but they should still interwork within the limits of the lower version. Similarly other features may be limited to the capabilities of the lower version.

Remember that, to be useful, Asterisk has to interwork with systems that don’t use the asterisk code base or version structure.

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