Is there an intelligent Numbering add-on for Asterisk?

I was wondering if anyone hadheard of a way of setting up an intelligent numbering system with asterisk?

I want to be able to match DDI’s to a user rather than an extension, then the user can register to any extension, so that when someone rings the DDI it will ring whatever extension the user is sitting at.

Any help appreciated


From what I know of you cant. From what I have on the top of my head you can do two things.
1)Create an extension that person dials and sets the extension that they are at. This way anyone that calls the DID they are forwarded to the extension that the user specifies.
2)You can create a queue and have the DID forward to the queue. You can then have the user log in from any phone that they want.

Thanks for the reply,

The 1st option you mentioned sounds like it would do the job I had on mind. Can you point me to any documentation on this? It would be appreciated greatly thanks.