Is there a way to set Presence?

When I execute core show hints command it gives following output

100@context : PJSIP/100          State:Idle            Presence:not_set         Watchers  0

Here I see Presence:not_set. Does that mean there is a way to set it? If so how?

What do you think setting it would accomplish? It’s for Sangoma hardware phones only currently (though if someone wanted to they could extend it)

I have build WebRTC softphone interface. I want to have function where user should be able to set their presence details, like “away”, “busy”, etc. I thought this Presence:not_set is something related to that.

And display it where exactly? The presence information you’ve seen in “core show hints” is only sent in NOTIFY SIP requests to Sangoma devices.

Not for displaying. I was curious whether setting it to away (presence package) makes Queue Dialplan app not to transfer call to agent.

Surely it is easier, simpler, more standard, and effective with external queue
monitoring software, for this purpose to put the agent on Pause?


It has no impact on queue handling.

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