Is there a way to prevent transfer to certain extensions

Hi All,

I have recently installed * in my first business envroment. Everything works well thanks to a lot of the collective knowledge on this forum. :smiley:
The client has requested an overhead paging service. This is easy to implement using the console, but while testing, I managed to transfer my incomming test call to the overhead speaker extension!!! :open_mouth:
While this is not a normal situation, I would like to prevent an operator to do this in error, as some situations will involve putting a caller on hold/parked and anoucing the presance.
so far the only solution I can come up with is to put a 15 second time limit on the paging extension. There is a lot of interesting things that can be said to a shop full of people in 15 seconds! :smiling_imp:

Is there a way to prevent transfers to extensions?

As a side note, is there a solution to feed MoH to the console port while idle, and mute to allow paging?

Thanks in advance.

Is the overhead extension similiar to an office extension? IE is the CEOs extension 4000 and the overhead extension 4001? If so change the overhead extension to something that is much different, something like **225##

The extensions are 500, 501, 502 etc…
I have special functions all on 8X, most of which are password protected, and call parking on 7X

Normal usage would be to park the call with #70, hang-up, then dial 80 to announce over the speakers.
The users have other things to worry about than cryptic key combinations as this is not an office envroment, so I figured easy key positions for one hand operation. I know it is easy to hit #80 in error, but having the customer train his staff on a not so easy combination could result in the old method of call announcing to be reinstated and render this valuable option unused.

If this functionality is not yet available I would like to submit this as a future option. It could have other uses like avoiding calls being routed to a door phone or preventing peons getting routed the CEO in error.
I am sure there are manu uses for this sort of option if it is avaiable.

seems like the transfer problem will have to have another workaround… if I think of something that can be of use I’ll post it.

Meanwhile, any ideas on the MoH question anyone?

Use the “T” and “t” parameters in dial command, the first one is for caller and the secon for called

Thanks Jaynro, I have the T and t, but that will not prevent calls to extensions, or feed MoH to the console port… (I have another question regarding T and t for another post if I don’t find an answer in the forum)

I think I might not have been clear on that,
What I would like to do is have MoH playing in the store over the paging speakers at a lowish level, then when paging is required, the MoH is muted while the page is in progress, then resumes at the end.