Is there a way to customize CDR date format?

Version: Asterisk 11.13.0~dfsg-1~bpo70+1 built by buildd @ binet on a i686 running Linux on 2014-10-02 21:14:33 UTC

I’ve enabled logging to pgsql. As pgsql supports timestamp with time zone, I’d like to utilize that feature as it’s possible with CEL. Is there an option like “dateformat = %FT%T%z”?

Well, the answer seems to be no… “dateformat” only appeared in:

logger.c:static char dateformat[256] = "%b %e %T"; /* Original Asterisk Format */ logger.c: ast_strftime(datestring, sizeof(datestring), dateformat, &tm); logger.c: if ((s = ast_variable_retrieve(cfg, "general", "dateformat"))) logger.c: ast_copy_string(dateformat, s, sizeof(dateformat)); logger.c: ast_copy_string(dateformat, "%b %e %T", sizeof(dateformat)); logger.c: ast_strftime(datestring, sizeof(datestring), dateformat, &tm); logger.c: ast_strftime(date, sizeof(date), dateformat, &tm); cel.c:static char cel_dateformat[256]; cel.c: *cel_dateformat = '\0'; cel.c: if ((s = ast_variable_retrieve(config, "general", "dateformat"))) { cel.c: ast_copy_string(cel_dateformat, s, sizeof(cel_dateformat)); cel.c: if (ast_strlen_zero(cel_dateformat)) { cel.c: ast_strftime(timebuf, sizeof(timebuf), cel_dateformat, &tm);
There’s no reference of it in cdr.c and app_cdr.c, both version 11 and 12. For cdr_pgsql.c, there’s only this macro: #define DATE_FORMAT "’%Y-%m-%d %T’"
According to Asterisk: The Definitive Guide 4th Edition page 654, there won’t be much change of cdr. I know this is not the dev forum, svn or mailing list, but can I suggest leaving this option to the user in cdr_pgsql.conf?