Is there a limit to IAX connections?

Is there a limit to the number of IAX connections between systems? I want to have a number of systems connected to a “home” system and have the home system alert us if one of those connections go down. At this point I do not know how many connections are needed. The home system would ONLY be used for this purpose.


Yes, IAX uses callnumber to identify calls and control frames. The callnumber limit is 32616.
To solve your problem, you need to create IAX trunks between all your asterisks and home asterisk.

From the home asterisk, issue this command (lists all configured peers.)

Here is an example of results:

Name/Username    Host              Mask                       Port           Status      Description                     
aclient4/cclien  (null)          (D)  (null)                 (null)(T)      UNKNOWN  
aclient3/cclien     (D)  4566  (T)      OK (73 ms) 

This means that aclient3 is connected, aclient4 is not connected.