Is there a BIG picture document?

Installing my first IP PBX with Asterisk, I haven’t found any document that describes the overall view of how to configure things. I’ve search the web and as well as a vendor site or two.

For example, should one start with trunks or extensions? That’s after the network config – or you couldn’t reach the web interface :slight_smile:

What I’m hoping to find is how to sequence the work so that I don’t find a required field that calls for a name when I haven’t assigned that name yet. And what is the form or format that names should take?

When I learn how, I want to draft the “sequence guide” – unless it is already written.

I’d suggest starting simple.

Configure an endpoint in pjsip.conf, optionally using the pjsip wizard to configure it.

Set up a couple extensions in your extensions.conf, One that answers and does an echo test, one that answers and says the time, one that answers and plays music on hold.

Now add a second endpoint, Then configure extensions.conf so the two endpoints can talk to each other.

Now add a second context to your extensions.conf, move one of your endpoints into that new context and make it be able to dial your first endpoint in it’s original context.

You can look at the video series ‘Asterisk 123’ which walks you though a lot of concepts.

Thank you, John,
The sequence is a help.
However I’m wondering if there is a document that explains the fundamental assumptions that “everybody knows” to those who don’t yet know. For example, just recently I learned that at least one way to get some functions to act like a key system is to set up a ring group with an extension number, then write an inbound rule to forward calls from a trunk to that group extension. Not obvious to the newbie. And I am a newbie in configuring Asterisk :slight_smile: Will check out the videos as soon as I can, but I’m more a print person.

Based on the terms you are using, are you sure your not using FreePBX?

Concepts like ‘inbound rules’ and ‘group extension’ are not things that are Asterisk concepts.

it may be you need to check out the FreePBX community and their Wiki over at

I know this isn’t exactly what you are asking for, and you may have already come across it in your searches, but there is a use case reference on the wiki, specifically Super Awesome Company that details and overviews a simple company setup. If you look in the source tree under configs/basic-pbx you’ll see the Super Awesome Company’s full configuration. It might be helpful to use it as a reference example.

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