Is possible to run two different techologies on dahdi/asterisk?

I have two phone cards, one is the b410p and is for isdn, the other is openvox a400p
and is for analog phones.
In the past I have set successfully the two cards but in separate servers, is possible with asterisk to use both card in one server?
I can use a separate ATA for the analog card and then connect with sip account on asterisk but I want to know if is possible to run isdn and analog card in the same server or is impossible.

Using analogue local phones and a digital trunk must have been very common in the early days of Asterisk.

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There is no problem with chan_dahdi.conf? For example: in the analog phone I use signalling=fxs_ks and for isdn signalling=euroisdn but this in different servers

I can’t imagine the early adopters of Asterisk would have used different servers, especially as they would have had to connect them using Zaptel, the previous name of DAHDI.

Basically you try it and then come back with specific questions, although with the reservation that traditionally you would be redirected to the card vendor for support, and in practice there is probably no regular on the forum who has experience with such configurations.

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