Is P2P Skype as gateway to two Asterisk server possible?

I am just wondering if this is possible.

Two asterisk boxes in two different locations which will be connected by the P2P Skype logins which serves as gateway so that someone who calls to the Asterisk FXO port in location A can reach the other PSTN line in location B using the FXO port at the other end. The scenario could be like this:

End user calls to FXO of AsteriskA connects to Skype server for P2P with another login in AsteriskB which will forward the calls to PSTN using FXO in the Asterisk B.

I appreciate opionions of the experts here. Thank you!

yuk ! my opinion is that you would be much better off using an IAX trunk between the 2 Asterisk boxes. … al+servers

Join the asterisk users list and see what people have to say about skype. Like it was said above use IAX and you will be real happy.