Is order of channels shown by Function_CHANNELS consistently newest first?

Hmmm, I’ll try that again - it’s possible I was mis-interpreting what I was seeing, but I was sure that I was getting the same channel as the incoming pjsip I’d dialled in on.

I’m going to kick myself around the room if this works… back in 20, thanks!

You, sir, are an absolute star. Of course, what I had done before was to put DumpChan, thinking back to the point at which I was trying to use DIAL (It’s been a lot of 2am finishes lately!). This does indeed work perfectly:

exten => s,1,Verbose(1,*** Entered bcab-bridge-conference)
    same => n,SET(GLOBAL(chan)=${CHANNEL(name)})

That’s the missing final piece in this jigsaw. Thank you so much. I’ve been fiddling with Asterisk since 2014 and I’ve never done anything which, on the surface seemed so easy, and yet took so long!

I’ve built entire AGI-driven speech recognition based dialplans which read today’s weather from a spoken town name in less time than this took me!

Once again, thank you for helping me locate the missing piece of this jigsaw!


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I think i am trying to do the same thing as you:

Conference starts empty, first user joins conference, conference dials an extension into the group. Other users can join and all parties can talk including the dialed extension. Last user departs conference, the called extension is actively hung up.

Any shot you can post what worked for you?