Is it possible?

does anyone know how you can dial into an existing call and join the conversation without the other person having to create a 3 way call?


someone calls the and extention 200 answers. the call is for extension 201, how would extention 201 dial into 200 to take over the call without transfering the call?

Not really, there is zapbarge and chanspy but these do not do exactly what you are looking for. Is there a reason why transfer is not an option?

well its for an in home use so i have it set up where all the phones ring when a call is incomming, and i dont really want to have to transfer the call (you can call it lazyness) plus when a business call comes in instead of creating a 3 way call by calling a second extension i would like to have it where the third person can just call into an extention. (sorry if im not making any sense its 2:30 in the morning)

The only way i can think of is call stealing with bristuff.

But if you want to do that with all technologies, you need a little script in the dialplan doing this:
Answering the call
play a message
Transfering it to your extension

This could be done via “steal-originator-ID” in a variable and causing asterisk to use transfercall.

Do you know how to programm such “logic” ?

Another way would be you logged in as a manager, your phone being a manager and then stealing the call via a managerpanel.

Or having a “fake extension” doing some managerscript commands transfering the call to you.